1CH 1080P AHD Recorder StreeCam

1080P AHD Recorder with Wi-Fi P2P remote view, GPS, Android iOS and PC APP

Specially designed for highly security demanded area, such as construction sites, industrial zone, public squares, private properties or remote areas.


Model No. BW1113

Dimension : 124 x 89 mm

Complete Product

Model No. CW1108

Dimension : 100 x 130 x 30 mm

Complete Solution


AHD Camera

AHD Camera

Aluminum Casing

Aluminum Casing

Power Supply


Camera Stand


Brief Features

1080P Quality

WiFi 802.11ac

AHD Camera

Remote Playback

Network Live view

Up to 256GB



24/7/365 operations - MTBF 50+ years with watch dog function

Ultra-speed WiFi - 3 minutes for downloading a 30-minute full HD video clip

User-friendly & comprehensive APPs - with rock-solid access authorities

Compatibility with AHD camera - Use your own camera or ask for Talitor's offer