2CH 720P AHD Recorder DOS-V

Professionally designed for commercial vehicle application, the DOS-V has WiFi P2P remote view, and support 3G/4G remote view, GPS location tracking, ignition power on/off control, power-down file preserve, and many more features for vehicular harsh environment. User friendly and sophisticated APP helps management find out needed video event quickly.


Model No. BM0711

Dimension : 60 x 75 x 19.2 mm

Complete Product

Model No. CM0713

Dimension : 100 x 70.5 x 35 mm

Brief Features

720P Quality

AHD Camera

Duo Channel

WiFi 802.11n

Network Live view

Hidden SSID

GPS Tracking

Ignition Power Control

Up to 256GB

GPS location tracking - displaying vehicle route on Google Map

2 Channel live view - monitoring 2 channels at the same time

Support multiple networking methods - Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G/4G router