1CH 720P One Board Series

720P Wi-Fi Black Box V Camcorder

Model No. CH0726w

Dimension : 121 x 119 x 36 mm

✅ 365+ days continuous working in standby time providing by long life battery.

✅ PIR detection to power on/off DVR for enormous efficient memory storage.

✅ No more pin hole design for completely hidden.

720P Wi-Fi Junction Box Camcorder

Model No. CH0723w

Dimension : 108 x 108 x 55.5 mm

✅ Wi-Fi function is supported for remote monitoring by free local & remote view.

✅ Battery is able to be charged directly by 12V DC power input.

✅ Local storage in Micro SD card for privacy and security consideration.

720P Wi-Fi Wall Clock Camcorder

Model No. CH0721w

Dimension : Ø346 x T45 mm

✅ Unremitting monitoring with long life battery more than 10 hours.

✅ Motion post recording is up to 60 seconds.

✅ H.264 with avi format for optimal video quality in storage and playback.

720P Wi-Fi Range Extender Camcorder

Model No. CH0720w

Dimension : 80 x 57 x 74 mm / Antenna 117mm

✅ Do work as Wi-Fi range extender.

✅ High definition resolution catch sharp images.

✅ Plug & Play connection by scanning QR code or Key-in ID number.

720P Wi-Fi Clock Radio Camcorder

Model No. CH0713w

Dimension : 180 x 123 x 123 mm

✅ Functional radio & alarm clock for truly hidden.

✅ Live view & recording in chorus. Never miss any important footage.

✅ Invisible LED 13 pieces are equipped for night vision improvement.

720P Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Camcorder

Model No. CH0724w

Dimension : Ø130 x T55 mm

✅ Bird's eye's view to maximize surveillance zone.

✅ Selectable file storage method - overwrite & fullstop.

✅ Remote storage formatting is supported when it is necessary.